EDMONTON, AB – The long countdown to the 2010 season of the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series continues. “We may be counting the months right now but soon enough though we will be counting down the days and saying where did the time go?” NPP Series announcer/media relations director Gord Craig says the lengthy off-season gives organizers plenty of opportunity to plan for an important milestone in 2010. “It’s the 10th anniversary of the Series next year and these anniversaries don’t come around too often, so we want to make sure we do it right.” Last year at this time the tentative schedule (2009 season) had already been released. The tentative schedule for next season (2010) won’t be released until several weeks after the upcoming NPP Series fall meeting.

“Race teams will be asked for their scheduling input,” adds Craig, “do we want to race in the United States next season? Do we want to run a few more events in Edmonton? I feel a lot of time at this years fall meeting will be spent on all scheduling options available to us for the 2010 season.” Bridge County Raceway officials have already contacted the NPP Series offering even more race dates for next season. “Our drivers really enjoy running there. Some would like to see even more dates at the Southern Alberta race track. They might get that opportunity.” Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway however may benefit the most next season because of the 10th anniversary of the NPP Late Model Series. “The NPP Late Model (originally called ‘Hinton Late Model’) made its official debut in Edmonton in 1999. The NPP Late Model Series held its first sanctioned race in Edmonton in 2001 and has been the official home track of the Series since then.” May 15th, 2010 is the tentative season opening race date for the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series.