TUCSON, AZ – A fantastic race weekend for Team NPP at Tucson Speedway.  Darrell Midgley drove the Northern Provincial Pipelines #81 Dodge to a 2nd place finish at the Turkey Shoot 125 Super Late Model race.  It was his best-ever finish in the Arizona desert.  “That was a really good day for us,” exclaims Midgley, “we led quite a bit of it.  Everybody worked super hard to get us there.”  Brandon Carlson drove the Team NPP #81C Dodge to a 6th place finish.  “We haven’t raced a Super Late Model in almost two-years,” says Carlson, “so it was really good.”  Both Midgley and Carlson ran extremely strong the entire race weekend.  Midgley led close to 50 laps on Sunday.  “We had a really good car.  I could run high, low, middle.  It was just an excellent race car.”  Just past the halfway point Midgley relinquished that lead to eventual race winner Brett Yackee of Greeley, Colorado.  “A restart killed us,” admits Midgley, “that’s one good race car (they have).  We were as good as he was tonight though.”

Carlson meanwhile was concerned about how Sunday was going to play out.  “The car was pretty bad at testing on Friday.  We just couldn’t get any speed out of the car.”  A change of tires and a few tweaks of the chassis changed everything for Carlson.  “We had our best qualifying we’ve ever had here (5th).  It’s the fastest I’ve ever gone.”  Carlson finished 5th in Saturday afternoon’s 50-lap warm-up Feature.  Midgley finished 2nd in his 50-lap warm-up Feature after qualifying 2nd fastest.  With the Turkey Shoot race in the rearview mirror, both Midgley and Carlson plan on a return trip to Tucson Speedway in January for the three-day Chilly Willy race.  Midgley ran his first Chilly Willy race back in 2015 (finished 15th).  Carlson raced his first Chilly Willy event in 2018 and finished 14th.