EDMONTON, AB – Welcome to the new look and re-design of the NPP Late Model Series and Team Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd website.  “The old website has officially been retired,” says NPP Series announcer Gord Craig, “turning the lights off on the old site for the final time did feel a little strange but launching the new site is pretty exciting too.”   The website was originally launched back on May 1st, 2007.  “Its hard to believe that when we first launched the original website, smart phones were just being introduced to the public.”  Ironically, hand-held technology is one of the major reasons for the re-design of the website.  “We’ve been using a website program that’s more than 15 years old,” admits Craig, “when it comes to smart phone and tablet technology, we’ve really seen the limitations of our outdated website program.”  Although the new-look website is now active, its still not operating at 100%.  “We’ve only launched a few core pages,” explains Craig, “work on the new site is still not finished.  We’ve uncovered it and taken it out of the garage.  Everyone now gets to take it for a bit of a test drive.”  Craig says the new website will be under construction for the next few months.  “We have a lot of pages (from the old site) to re-configure to the new web program.”  The driver records and NPP Series stats page is scheduled to be uploaded by the end of March.