EDMONTON, AB – For the first time in recent memory, track officials from Drayton Valley, Drumheller, Edmonton, Rimbey and Sangudo held a joint meeting to discuss the 2017 race season. The province of Alberta has one of the shortest race seasons in all of Canada which leaves a small serving of available race dates to track promoters. Although the overlapping of race dates between five race tracks is next to impossible, promoters hammered out their 2017 tentative schedules. Castrol Raceway, Central Alberta Raceways and Sangudo Speedway are three tracks that have trimmed their oval racing calendar for next season. Drayton Valley Speedway added to its oval schedule, while Dinosaur Downs Speedway will have the same number of oval dates on its schedule next year. The biggest slash to oval race dates comes from Central Alberta Raceways. After scheduling 16 oval dates this past season, Rimbey officials announced a 10 race oval schedule for 2017. Drayton Valley Speedway is the only track to show more race dates on its oval track next season. Track officials in Drayton Valley are rolling the dice that a two-day show in October next year will see good some weather. For the 2017 season there are a total of 49 oval race dates at the five Alberta race tracks. There were 58 individual race dates available to race teams in 2016. Officials with the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series will be going over the available race dates at each track. A tentative NPP Series 2017 schedule will be released early in the new year.