EDMONTON, AB – The Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series has finalized its 2014 race schedule. NPP Late Model Series announcer Gord Craig says the schedule looks nothing like the tentative schedule released back in January. “The plan was to race in three provinces this year like we did back in 2012 but after consulting with several drivers, the major road trips that our Series has been known for since 2008 are being put on hold. All of our scheduled events will be in the province of Alberta this season.”

(photo: STPracing Memories)

Since 2001, the NPP Late Model Series has competed at twelve different racing venues in three provinces and one US State. “The economy is booming in Alberta right now,” says Craig, “a majority of our drivers are business owners. With the booming economy comes staff shortage issues. Several of our drivers have indicated that closing the doors to their businesses on a Friday [no back-up staff] to go on a major racing road trip is not feasible.” Last years NPP Late Model Series Rookie of the Year is one driver that is giving the 2014 schedule a big thumbs up. “I’ve been going flat out the last month and a half,” says Whitecourt, Alberta’s Wayne Wheeler, “when I saw the tentative schedule a few months ago I had already counted out competing at several of the events due to travel. Business is business.” Wheeler owns Whitecourt Auto Sales, one of the top independent car, truck and RV dealerships in the region. “These next few months are the bread and butter months for me.” Wheeler says a race schedule with less travel will be beneficial for everyone this year. “Racing is supposed to be fun. We had a blast in this Series last year. I’m really looking forward to kicking off the season in Edmonton next month.”

Saturday, April 26th – Edmonton, Alberta (test ‘n’ tune)
Saturday, May 10th – Edmonton, Alberta
Saturday, May 31st – Rimbey, Alberta
Saturday, June 7th – Edmonton, Alberta
Saturday, June 28th – Sangudo, Alberta
Sunday, June 29th – Sangudo, Alberta
Friday, July 18th – Edmonton, Alberta (Gold Cup)
Saturday, July 19th – Edmonton, Alberta (Gold Cup)
Wednesday, July 30th – Edmonton, Alberta (Race of Champions)
Saturday, Sept. 20th – Rimbey, Alberta
Sunday, Sept. 21st – Rimbey, Alberta

At the same time the NPP Late Model Series released its finalized schedule, it also announced an adjustment to its Season Championship points structure. “This is only the third time in NPP Series history that we’ve changed our points format.” Craig says that points earned for the Qualifying Heats and Dashes remain unchanged but how the Feature points are awarded has been dramatically adjusted.

(photo: STPracing Memories)

“We’ve taken the old Feature points format and thrown it out the window.” Total points earned in a NPP Feature event have been reduced. The spread in points between finishing positions have also been altered. “It’s a bit of a give and take scenario,” adds Craig, “the biggest change would probably be the points gap between first and second. This has been cut in half.” Despite the overall reduction in points awarded to drivers in the Feature, Craig says there will be a new way for drivers to earn bonus points in the Feature. “This is right out of the NASCAR rule book. NPP Series drivers will now earn a bonus point for leading a lap in the Feature and another bonus point for leading the most laps in the Feature.” The major change to the NPP Late Model Series points structure will see an immediate effect after the season opener in Edmonton next month. “We’ve had some extremely close championship points battles over the years. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this years championship decided by less than 5 points.”


(old point structure)
1st 130 (180)
2nd 125 (170)
3rd 121 (165)
4th 118 (160)
5th 116 (155)
6th 115 (150)
7th 114 (146)
8th 113 (142)
9th 112 (138)
10th 111 (134)
11th 110 (130)
12th 109 (127)
13th 108 (124)
14th 107 (121)
15th 106 (118)
16th 105 (115)
17th 105 (112)
18th 103 (109)
19th 102 (106)
20th 101 (103)
21st 100 (100)

1 bonus point for leading a lap in Feature
1 bonus point for leading the most laps in a Feature