EDMONTON, AB – It’s pretty hard not to get caught up in the enthusiasm surrounding the 2010 Winter Olympics which are now underway in British Columbia. The world’s best athletes have gathered on the west coast aiming for gold. For stock car fans, the winter slumber is over as the 2010 NASCAR season gets the green flag. The best racers in the world are in Florida hoping to get to victory lane.


Many race teams with the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series will be parked in front of their television screens in the coming weeks watching both NASCAR and OLYMPIC coverage. For these teams, the adrenaline rush of ‘hitting the race track’ is just a few short months away. The 2010 season of the NPP Late Model Series begins May 8th at Edmonton’s Castrol Raceway.

Several NPP Late Model Series drivers were asked two questions:
>Who is your pick to win this year’s Daytona 500?
>What are your favorite Winter Olympic Sports?

Darrell Midgley – Kasey Kahne / Hockey and that’s it!
Jason Beaulieu – Jimmy Johnson / Skiing and Hockey
Paul Grundberg – Jeff Burton / Bobsledding
Trevor Emond – Mark Martin / Hockey
Kevin Wheeler – Jeff Gordon / Skeleton and Ski Jumping
Mike Browne – Dale Earnhardt Jr. / Bobsledding and Hockey
Kevin Clark – Kyle Busch / Curling and Ski Jumping
Curtis Moore – Kevin Harvick / Hockey and Curling