ELMA, WA – A busy race weekend for Lane Zerbin at the 20th annual Shipwreck Beads Modified Nationals.  A total of 43 teams jammed the pits looking to be a part of the 24 car Saturday night Feature.  Unfortunately for Zerbin, he did not make the cut and was just a single finishing position from transferring to the big Feature race. “It’s the first year (since 2015) I haven’t made it,” sighs the Victoria, British Columbia driver, “hopefully it will be the only year.”  His race weekend started off on a controversial note.  “I started at the back of the first Heat race (Friday night).  I was making my way up when I basically got taken out.”  The yellow flag few. “This guy has run into me multiple times this season, I kinda lost my cool and just snapped and paid him back under caution.  I got black flagged (for my actions).”  Although results will show an 8th place finish, Zerbin was disqualified and received no points for his first Heat race.  “In hindsight, I guess I should have just rubbed him.”  The momentary lapse of restraint cost Zerbin any chance of locking himself into Saturday night’s ‘A’ Feature. The top 18 cars from the Heats locked themselves into the big race.  Zerbin did rebound and finish 2nd in his second Heat.  “I ended up 41st out of 43 drivers with the Heat race points,” admits Zerbin, “I put myself in this position.”  One highlight from Friday for Zerbin was his 11th place finish in the Race of Champions Feature.


With 18 drivers already locked into Saturday nights Modified Feature, Zerbin would attempt to grab one of the six remaining transfer spots.  A lack of points, from the Friday night Heats, saw him competing in a ‘C’ Main for the first-time ever.  “The alphabet soup as I like to call it,” exclaims Zerbin, “I didn’t want to run the extra races because it wears you down.”  Zerbin finished 3rd in the ‘C’ Main and immediately transferred to the back of the ‘B’ Main.  “When I lined up for the ‘B’ I took a look around and knew it was going to be tough to get to the front.  It was.”  Zerbin needed to finish 6th or better to transfer to the big race of the night.  “I got by a few good drivers but was just one spot short.  I just stalled out.  I couldn’t get off the corner and make the pass.”  Zerbin finished 7th in the ‘B’ Main.  His race weekend was over.  Corbett, Oregon’s Collen Winebarger was the eventual winner of the Saturday night Feature.  With the Modified Nationals behind him, Zerbin’s August schedule begins in a just a few weeks.  The Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd./C-Force Marine #81 Modified is tentatively set to be back on-track August 10th at Grays Harbor Raceway.


#81 Lane Zerbin results
> Friday, July 26th.
– Heat 3a
2nd – Heat 3b
11th – Race of Champions Feature

> Saturday, July 27th
3rd –
‘C’ Main (top 4 transfer to’B’)
7th –
‘B’ Main (top 6 transfer to ‘A’)
DNQ – ‘A’ FEATURE (24 cars start)