PHOENIX, AZ. – A popular CASCAR Stock Car competitor continues to live out his life long dream south of the border.  St. Thomas, Ontario’s DJ (Douglas James) Kennington, with major sponsorship from Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd., of Edson, Alberta, is competing at the final few race events of the 2006 NASCAR Busch Series.  Phoenix International Raceway was the latest stop for Kennington on Saturday, November 11th.  Unfortunately the outcome was not what he was looking for.  “We got our butts kicked in qualifying, “says Kennington, “I’m very disappointed.”  Kennington qualified near the bottom of the pack and did not make the show.  “We were confident going in,” exclaims Kennington, “after making the show in Memphis we knew we had to work hard for the Phoenix race.”  It was only the second time Kennington was behind the wheel of the #72 NPP Dodge Charger and the first time ever on a one mile oval track.  “I’m very disappointed (for not qualifying) but we just have to keep digging.  We just have to get our car better plain and simple.”  With only one race to go in the NASCAR Busch Series, Kennington and crews are now heading for Florida.  “We had to wait for a call from NASCAR officials to see if they would even let us run on the mile and a half track in Homestead (Florida).  Qualifying in Phoenix would have guaranteed us a spot.  Believe me we had a few tense days of waiting by the phone.”  Adding to the pressure for the NPP race team is that this will also be a night time race under the lights in Florida.  “I like the pressure,” says Kennington, “just qualifying for this last race of the year would take a ton of that pressure off.”  Kennington will have the opportunity to test ‘n’ tune the #72 N.P.P. Dodge Charger in two – one hour practice sessions Friday before qualifying on Saturday afternoon.  The 300 mile race goes Saturday night.

FORD 300
Saturday, November 18th
Qualifying @ 1:30PM**
Racing @ 5:00PM**

**Alberta time