EDSON, AB – The Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd flag will be flown on both sides of the border this Saturday night.  Team NPP will be competing at two different race tracks on the same night.  Lane Zerbin races the NPP/C-Force Marine #81 Modified at Skagit Speedway in Alger, Washington.  Jason Frost is behind the wheel of the NPP/The Keg #81 Late Model at Victoria, British Columbia’s Western Speedway.  For Jason Frost it’s the 2019 Keg Late Model Series season opener.  “We are testing on Friday,” says Frost, “if things work out, its going to be one tough car to beat this year.”  Thanks to one podium finish (3rd) and five consecutive top-5 finishes Frost finished fifth in the 2018 championship point’s chase.  “We started off pretty strong last year.  We ended up qualifying first a couple of times.  The only thing left is that we need to make it (speed) last the entire race.”  The unique format of running two 50 lap Feature events on race nights returns for Late Model drivers in 2019.  “I’m still warming up to the idea of the twin 50’s,” admits Frost, “I like the big long races (100+ laps) because that’s what I raced previously.”  Frost won the 1996 Western Speedway Late Model Series Championship.  “It’s a different philosophy (running two Features). You’ve got to get going quick if you want to get to the front.”  Frost agrees that running two Features in one evening can be a benefit to drivers.  “You get a second chance if things don’t go your way in the first race.”  Frost officially took over driving duties of the Northern Provincial Pipelines Ltd. #81 Dodge from Darrell Midgley several seasons ago.  Midgley is the promoter of Western Speedway.  “I was lucky enough to get connected with Darrell.  We dusted off the car a few years ago (2017).  He has been kind enough to offer up the car he used to run here.”  The 2019 Keg Late Model Series season opener at Western Speedway starts at 7:00pm on Saturday night.


Four and a half hours south of Western Speedway (including Ferry ride), Team NPP’s Lane Zerbin hopes to shake a monkey of his back Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway.  The Victoria, British Columbia driver has yet to finish a Feature at the Elma, Washington track this season.  Last year Zerbin had a win and two runner-up finishes in seven appearances. at GHR.  “Hopefully we will have some racing luck on our side this weekend,” says the Victoria, British Columbia driver, “we’ve been taken out, had flat tires and broke some parts.  It’s been very frustrating.”  Zerbin appeared to be turning the corner on his 2019 season last weekend at Skagit Speedway in Alger, Washington.  He was third fastest in practice.  Zerbin won his Heat race and then led close to half the Feature before a flat tire ended his near perfect night.  Zerbin also had the fastest car on the track in the Feature before being credited with an 18th place finish.  “We got the speed.  We just need some luck to get to the finish.”  Racing at Grays Harbor Raceway starts at 7:00pm Saturday night.

UPDATE (May 16 @ 12:16pm): Lane Zerbin had a change of plans late in the week. He will be running at Skagit Speedway in Alger, Washington instead of Grays Harbor Raceway