EDMONTON, AB – The official website of the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series is undergoing some cosmetic changes during the off-season. NPP Series announcer Gord Craig says all ‘tweaks’ should be completed before test ‘n’ tune day the end of April. “It was just your basic website at first,” exclaims Craig, “[it was a] here is the race date and here are the race results format. However that’s not the case anymore.”


The NPP Series website has grown from just 6 pages in 2007 to over 130 pages of content. “We are responding to feedback from race fans and race teams that check out our website on a daily basis.” Users that browse the internet using mobile phones will have an easier time navigating the NPP website in just a few weeks. “Mobile phone users told us they were having difficulty navigating some of our pages. The main problem was the scrolling of content. This was especially true on our NPP news page. Sometimes our mobile phone users could access an entire racing news story,” explains Craig, “sometimes they couldn’t. The scrolling issue is going to be addressed so that there shouldn’t be any more problems.”


Craig notes that visitors who have logged on to the NPP Series website from their home or office computer have already noticed some significant changes. “If you have a widescreen monitor, several pages of the website have migrated to the center of the screen instead of being off to the left. Its going to take some time but eventually all website pages will be centered.” Visitors that use smaller monitors won’t be affected by this change. Race fans and race teams will also see changes to how NPP Late Model Series highlights are viewed. “Three seasons ago we introduced video highlights to the website. These highlights were always part of the NPP news section. Now a dedicated NPP video highlights page is being created.” The NPP Late Model Series website was launched in May of 2007. It is expected that in the evening hours of January 16th, the NPP Late Model Series website will record its 150,000th visit.