EDMONTON, AB – Winning a season championship in any racing division takes dedication and perseverance. Ten different drivers have won a championship in the Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series since its first official season back in 2001. This weekend the NASCAR Sprint Cup season wraps up at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida. Past and current champions of the NPP Late Model Series did some prognosticating when asked who would be crowned the NASCAR Champion for 2016.

4 – Carl Edwards
2 – Jimmy Johnson
2 – Kyle Busch
1 – Joey Logano

DARRELL MIDGLEY – “Kyle Busch is my first choice. He is the defending champion and definitely knows how to rise to the occasion.”

MARK MILLER – “I hope Carl is going to win it. Jimmy and Kyle have already won a championship. I’d like to see Carl win it.”

KEVIN WHEELER – “I think it’s going to be Carl Edwards. I just have a feeling that it is his turn.”

MIKE TOM – “Carl Edwards is probably due. I’ll put my money on Edwards.”

BRUCE BROUGHTON – “Joey Logano is winning that race on Sunday. That is my pick. I think he’s going to be the guy. I ‘ve got a 25% chance of being right.”

JASON BEAULIEU – “I’d put my money on Jimmy. He’s won the championship a bunch of times and can make some history winning another one.”

DWIGHT KENNEDY – “I’d really like to see Carl Edwards win it. I think he should take it…….. hopefully!”

TREVOR EMOND – “I’d like to see Kyle Busch win it again. I’m not a big Toyota fan but Kyle will probably take it.”

DENNIS MacEACHERN – “I have to go with Jimmy Johnson. Experience is the main reason why. He’s dealt with the pressure before and I know that he and Chad Knaus (crew chief) can get it done. JJ for sure.”