ALTARIO, AB. – When rookie driver Kevin Clark first rolled his car off the trailer at Castrol Raceway’s test ‘n’ tune back in April he was extremely excited.  “I couldn’t wait to get onto the racetrack and try this new car out.”  Unfortunately the day did not go according to plan.  “I didn’t even complete one lap,” sighs Clark, “something broke in the rear end”.  I thought to myself, if this is what my first season is going to be like I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this.”  The season went off a lot better than he had expected.  Clark finished just out of the top 10 in points and was also awarded the 2006 NPP Rookie of the Year.  “I had zero experience behind the wheel of a race car heading into the 2006 season,” exclaims Clark, “I heard about the series a few years ago.  I really enjoy stock car racing (as a fan) so I decided to go up to Edmonton and watch one of their races.  The next thing I know I’m getting my car painted and picking a number.”  Clark’s first season was not without its lumps.  “We crumpled a few fenders that’s for sure,” laugh’s Clark, “being a rookie driver, other race teams offered up advice (car set up) for me and my crew.  My first season was a real learning process.  We really didn’t get it together until the last 3 or 4 races.”  The hard work and patience paid off as Clark scored his first ever heat race win on the last race of the season.  “That was nice.  It’s too bad we now have to wait till May to go for another checkered flag.”  Planning for the 2007 Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series continues.  An additional three racing venues are expected to be added to the NPP schedule which could be released as early as January.  A new web site to keep race fans up to date on the N.P.P. Series will also be launched before next season as well.