EDMONTON, AB. – The Northern Provincial Pipelines Late Model Series has crowned eight different champions since its first season back in 2001. Those past and present champs will be glued to their televisions this weekend to find out who wins the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship. “I’m hoping for Tony Stewart,” says three-time (2003,04,05) NPP Series Champion Trevor Emond, “he’s been coming on strong and doing what he needs to do.” Stewart trails Carl Edwards by just three points with one race to go at Homestead Miami Speedway in Florida. “Edwards has been pretty consistent at Homestead,” adds Emond, “that does have to be taken into consideration.” Emond, who was a spectator at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia last month, admits he does have a little bias in his choice. “Stewart drives a Chevy. I don’t want a Ford to win!”


Two-time (2001, 06) NPP Series Champion Dwight Kennedy thinks Carl Edwards is going to win this years NASCAR championship. “Carl has a pretty good track record at Homestead which is why I think he will win it. He had a good record going into Phoenix too and he backed it up with a pretty good finish.” Kennedy was at Phoenix International Raceway last weekend and watched Edwards finish second (Stewart was third). “When the chase started I was hoping for Kurt Busch but since he has no chance, Edwards gets the thumbs up from me.”

Mike Tom grabbed his first NPP Series Championship back in September. Tom however won’t be cheering on Carl Edward’s attempt to claim his first NASCAR Sprint Cup championship. “I’m not a big Edwards fan,” exclaims Tom, “I’ve always liked Stewart and how he runs. He also drives a Chevy. Tony Stewart will win the championship in Florida this weekend.”


Jason Beaulieu, the first NPP Series Champion (2007) from British Columbia agrees with Mike Tom and also believes that Stewart will be hoisting the big trophy on Sunday afternoon. “Someone is going to crack under the pressure this weekend and I don’t think it will be Tony.” Beaulieu says experience will favor Stewart at the final race of the year. “He’s raced longer than Edwards and has had to deal with more pressure situations. That’s huge at this point.” Green flag drops this Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Florida at 1:00pm Edmonton time.

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