ELMA, WA – Lane Zerbin wrapped up his 2023 race season with a 6th place finish Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway. “Was not too bad of a night,” exclaims Zerbin, “it was a non-points race so they did a few things different.”  18 IMCA Modifieds took part in a rare qualifying session.  “We kind of missed it a bit on qualifying (9th) but we tried a couple of things in the Heat race and it ran better.”  Zerbin won his Heat in the C-Force Marine/Northern Provincial Pipelines #81 Modified. “Unfortunately we didn’t go in the right direction in the Main.”  The top-3 cars from the Heats were inverted for the Saturday night Feature.  Zerbin would start 9th.  The Victoria, British Columbia driver made early gains in the Feature however cracking into the top-5 was a more difficult task. Zerbin drove to his second consecutive 6th place finish at Grays Harbor Raceway.  This was his 10th top-10 finish in just 12 starts this season. 

Unlike the 2022 season, where one car was a complete write off, the 2023 season was a lot easier on the pocketbook.  “We basically finished every single race without a whole lot of damage.”  Zerbin is already looking to the 2024 race season.  “We are going to tear the car down and re-body it.  Do some maintenance on it and get it fresh.”  The early start to the race car refurbishment might have something to do with an event in early January.  The 2024 Winter Nationals race is taking place at Cocopah Speedway in Yuma, Arizona.  “We are still 50-50 about this race.  Additional sponsorship and getting time off work will be key.”